“…. [artificial intelligence is] vastly more risk than North Korea.”
— Elon Musk, August 15, 2017 —

There are a lot of hyperbolic statements about the utopia or catastrophe AI will create. This blog was created out of the the need for greater public awareness of the real, and not so real, social impact artificial intelligence technologies have on our communities.
  • Access: Which consumers and companies have access to AI technology
  • Diversity: Which engineers, from what regions and backgrounds, are driving development of AI technologies
  • AI Learning: Who teaches AI devices and what social values are being taught or not taught
  • Economics: What is the economic impact of AI on more traditional industries

Transparency and public awareness. Never easy for new frontiers. Lack of information is not the problem for the new frontier of AI. The challenge of this blog will be to keep pace with the deciphering information coming from an AI industry that often uses technical language to shield their innovations. The writers here are either engineers or work with engineers, so understand the language and the technologies. And our own AI technology will be used to make the information we deliver more manageable for our readers.


Deciphering for the general public and identifying innovations that actually impact Access, Diversity, AI Learning and Economics is the other challenge. AI features will be helpful here too. Deployment will be very soon!

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